In, you can assign three types of roles to your users.

  • Super User
  • Sign Manager
  • Sign User

Super User

When the access is selected as Super User, the employee has access to all the features available in

  • The Super User can make any changes to the account and there is no restriction.
  • This includes the Settings page and the contracts of all the users.

Sign Manager

When the access is selected as Sign Manager, the user can access all the contracts based on the access levels configured.

  • Sign Manager can access the contracts of their subordinates and the Settings page.
  • However, the Sign Manager cannot access the Business Information, User Management, Billing, and Delete Account options of

Sign User

When the access is selected as Sign User, the user will not have access to the Settings page. Rather, the option is hidden.

  • Based on the Access Levels configured, the Sign Users can either access all contracts or only their contracts.

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