Terminated Users

Terminated Users

Terminated users refer to those users who are removed from the active user list. These users once removed gets added to the terminated users list.

  • Go to Settings → Users Management → Terminated Users to manage the list.

Terminating a User

  • To remove a specific user from the list of active users, select the Actions icon from the Active Users page.
  • The Update User pop up will appear. Select Terminate.
  • On selecting Terminate, Terminate User popup will appear. You can set the date of termination.
  • To make the transfer of work smooth, you can enable the toggle to assign the user’s activities to another user.
  • Irrespective of the date of termination, the work gets allocated immediately to the other user.
  • The user gets listed as a terminated user.

Smart Search

  • You can use the Search User tab from the top-right pane.
  • You can search the user based on the User ID, First name, Last name, Email, Date of Joining, Manager name, and the department.

Adding a Terminated User as an Active User

  • To add a terminated user as an active user, select the Actions icon associated with a user.
  • The Update User side panel will appear. Here, select Enable Login.
  • The user is added back to the Active User page.

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