Streamlined Synchronisation

Streamlined Synchronisation

  • When preparing a new contact for a recipient, you can select an existing contact by beginning to type the contact’s name. Any existing result will auto-populate the recipient details, but if the contact doesn’t exist, it will be automatically created once the document has been sent for signature.

Create Your Contacts from Contacts Page

  • You can add new contacts to by clicking Create feature from the top pane.
  • On selecting Create, Create Contact page will appear as a side pane.
  • You can feed multiple information related to your contacts like their personal information, contact information, and address details

Personal Information

  • You can add the first and last name of the contact in this section.
  • allows you to add the job title of your contact along with their related department.
  • You can select from a dropdown if the contact is a part of Administration, E-Commerce, decision Making, billing or shipping.
  • If the contact has a customer associated with it, then add the name of the customer in the customer field.

Contact Information

  • You can add the phone number and Email address of your contact here.

Address Details

  • Add the communication address of your contact under Address Details.

Create Your Contacts from Choosing your way to Sign

  • Adding new contacts in Send for Sign and In-Person Sign creates a new contact in the Contacts Directory.
  • Once a name and email address are added as a recipient or as a signatory, you can click on Add as Contact icon to add it to the contacts directory.

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