My Signature

My Signature

The entire platform of is based on Signatures and well care is taken to create a signature area with utmost creativity.

You can type or draw a signature from’s customized signatures. It doesn’t include just your signatures, you can also add the signature of your clients with whom frequent business transactions take place.

  • You can access My Signature from navigating to Preferences -> My Signature.

There are two tools available to create your Signature:

  • Type
  • Draw


Want to create a custom signature? allows you to select a signature from multiple options generated by our custom tools.

  • Add your name in the Type your Name field and select a signature of your choice from the various signatures created by
  • Once a signature is selected, click Add and the signature is added to My Signature at the bottom.


Prefer sketching out your signature? has a drawing area. You can draw your signature using the mouse.

  • You can clear the work area using a clear feature.
  • Once the signature is drawn, select save to save the signature.
  • The signature is added to My Signature at the bottom.

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